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Xylawag ATV

The Xylawag Atv is a mount that is made from parts made by two professions, Blacksmiths and Engineering. -The Engineers get the schematic for supercharged engine from K.U.-J.O in Mechagon Dungeon. -The Blacksmiths get the pattern for Monelite Reinforced Chassis from the K.U.-J.O. as well in Mechagon dungeon. -Both can drop on normal or higher - The great thing is any player can get this mount even if they are not a blacksmith or engineer. -You Can also get your mount to come in different colors by buying Paint Bottle: Electric Blue Paint Bottle: Goblin Green Paint Bottle: Nukular Red From Kram Kelada in machagon. Note that they are rumored to have a small chance to drop off rares and chests in mechagon as soon as you obtain your mount as well. But its minimal. -It is a flying and ground mount. -Once you have the two pieces you can just right click and it smacks the parts together for an awesome mount.

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